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The Cigar Lounge will be an establishment that offers a few of life's pleasures and unparalleled services. The lounge will cater to those who enjoy  fine wine, a good cigar and gourmet coffee.

​​The House of Jazz Cafe.

 Grand Opening  Coming Soon

​​About the Washington House of Jazz

The development of the National Harbor represents a unique opportunity for the establishment of a high-energy venue that offers a jazz like–themed to those expressing live entertainment. The development’s central location, demographics, and lack of direct competition are major advantages theWashington House of Jazz has within its favor. The proposed venue will provide a local solution to the lack of social atmosphere and a live jazz venue that’s geared primarily toward the 40 and older crowd, keeping time with the late night entertainment expenditures within the localized regional area. The new venue will specialize in high-energy themes to accommodate both the  House of jazz and the Cigar lounge, while offering wine, an array of non-alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks during its hours of operation. 

​​The House of Jazz Cafe will feature brewed coffee, espresso-basedand baked goods typically associated with a coffee shop. In addition, the Cafe will offer lunch during the noon hours with a dine-in menu, live jazz and a inviting relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

Washington's Cigar Lounge

​​The Washington House of Jazz, Supper Club & Cigar Lounge is truly destined to be one of the most premier social networking clubs in the Washington Metropolitan area. While establishing a cabaret concept of the days of the Harlem Renaissance, the Washington House of Jazz will  bring the ambiance of the underground New York City Jazz Club to the metropolitan entertainment scene for the enjoyment of exotic dining, fine wine and live jazz from local and outsourced headliners. The facility will be characterized by its spacious two level, 10,000 sf setting, offering the likes of: Spoken Word,Theater, Comedy and a private bottom level Cigar Lounge, to provide a uncompromising environment for those patrons who inspire to enjoy the premiums of a good cigar and spirits.